A Professional Cryogenic Engineering Manufacturer

Chine Capable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (CASQUE), as a professional cryogenic storage and transport tank manufacturer, stands at the forefront of this critical industry, providing solutions that cater to a vast range of applicationsfrom medical to industrial gases, and from space exploration to energy sectors. And in the realm of low-temperature storage and transportation, the proficiency of a manufacturer is not just a matter of efficiency but of paramount safety and technological mastery.

Points clés à retenir

  • CASC est expert en cuves cryogéniques de stockage et de transport, en utilisant des pratiques avancées en matière de science des matériaux et d'ingénierie de précision.
  • La société se concentre sur des processus rigoureux de sélection des matériaux et des méthodes de tests non destructifs pour garantir une résistance supérieure aux basses températures et une assurance qualité..
  • CASC est connu pour ses innovations en matière de conception de réservoirs cryogéniques, y compris la sélection stratégique des matériaux, systèmes d'isolation avancés, et caractéristiques ergonomiques pour une utilisation facile.
  • The safety features and protocols implemented by CASC, such as robust materials, advanced monitoring systems, and comprehensive training, ensure safe operation and response during emergencies.

Exploring CASC’s Expertise

Delving into the technical prowess of CASC, it is evident that their expertise in the development and manufacture of cryogenic storage and transport tanks is bolstered by advanced material science and precision engineering practices. At the forefront of their operations lies a stringent material selection process. This ensures that the tanks are constructed from metals and alloys that exhibit superior low-temperature resistance, high strength-to-weight ratios, and remarkable corrosion resistance quintessential for the containment of liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and natural gas.

In the realm of cryogenic tank fabrication, CASC adheres to rigorous quality assurance protocols. Their manufacturing chain is imbued with state-of-the-art non-destructive testing (CND) methods, including radiographic and ultrasonic testing, to detect and rectify any subsurface anomalies. The metallurgical integrity of the weldments is critically assessed to prevent any cryogenic brittleness, which is paramount for ensuring the structural reliability of the tanks under extreme thermal cycling.

CASC’s technical acumen is encapsulated in their deployment of cutting-edge insulation materials, which are key to minimizing thermal bridging and ensuring the longevity of the stored cryogens. Their comprehensive approach to quality control, from raw material acquisition to the final inspection, exemplifies their commitment to delivering products that meet and surpass industry benchmarks for safety and performance.

Cryogenic Tank Design Innovations

Professional Cryogenic Storage and Transport Equipment

Building upon their robust foundation in material science and precision engineering, CASC’s advancements in cryogenic tank design are revolutionizing the storage and transport of liquefied gases through innovative features and enhanced performance capabilities. A critical aspect of these developments is the strategic material selection for both structural integrity and compatibility with extreme cryogenic temperatures. Employing advanced alloys and composites, CASC has engineered tanks that maintain their mechanical properties even at the cryogenic threshold, ensuring safe and reliable containment of liquefied natural gas (GNL), oxygen, azote, and argon.

In the quest for superior thermal insulation, CASC integrates state-of-the-art insulation systems, significantly reducing boil-off rates and improving thermal efficiency. The utilization of multi-layer insulation (MLI) matériaux, combined with vacuum jacketing techniques, forms a super-insulated barrier that minimizes heat ingress. These innovations in thermal management not only preserve the cryogenic state of stored liquids but also translate to economic benefits by curtailing operational costs associated with refrigeration and the replenishment of evaporated gases.

CASC’s progressive designs also incorporate ergonomic features that facilitate ease of operations, such as enhanced monitoring systems and automated valves, which allow for precise control and maintenance of cryogenic environments. The incorporation of such innovations cements CASC’s position as a vanguard in the realm of cryogenic tank technology.

Safety Features and Protocols

To ensure the utmost safety in the operation of cryogenic storage and transport tanks, CASC implements a comprehensive array of safety features and stringent operational protocols that adhere to industry standards and best practices. In the realm of cryogenics, where temperatures plunge to near absolute zero, the margin for error is minimal, and vigilance is paramount. CASC’s commitment to safety is reflected through a meticulous risk assessment process, which evaluates potential hazards and the effectiveness of control measures.

De plus, emergency planning is integral to CASC’s safety approach, ensuring rapid and effective response in the unlikely event of an incident. Our tanks are engineered with multiple contingencies to mitigate risks associated with the storage and transport of liquefied gases.

  • Robust MaterialsUtilization of high-grade materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures.
  • Advanced Monitoring SystemsReal-time surveillance of tank parameters to preemptively identify anomalies.
  • Pressure Relief DevicesAutomatic activation to prevent over-pressurization and potential breaches.
  • Comprehensive TrainingEmpowering personnel with the knowledge to operate safely and respond decisively during emergencies.

Manufacturing Capacity

CASC a obtenu les licences de l'ASME(tu, U2) pour la conception, fabrication, installation, et test de A2, C2, and C3, pressure vessels, et pipelines sous la norme ISO9001: 2008, CSC, DESP, and KGS.

L'entreprise peut fournir des équipements chimiques non standard tels que des échangeurs de chaleur, tours, récipients de réaction, navires en métaux non ferreux, équipement de fatigue à haute pression, et divers réservoirs de stockage.

Il a TA2, TA3, 304, 316L, 310, et 5083 Métaux non-ferreux, S/S, and composite materials, which have been widely used in the fields of LNG, pétrole, pétrochimique, produits chimiques, métallurgie, médecine, foods, and fertilizer. Nos produits sont très populaires tant au pays qu'à l'étranger.

CASC provides turnkey solutions from project development, fabrication, ventes, et service EPC, y compris le conseil technique, conception et fabrication de solutions, installation et mise en service, entraînement, approvisionnement en pièces, et support technique.

  • Liquide cryogénique (O2, N2, Ar, CO2, GNL) réservoirs < 5,000M³;
  • Citerne de transport de liquide cryogénique < 50M³;
  • The storage tank container transport and storage: liquides cryogéniques, Azote, Oxygène, Argon, C02, Éthylène, Protoxyde d'azote, et GNL; 

Industry Applications for CASC Tanks

Cryogenic storage and transport tanks developed by CASC are integral components in various sectors, including aerospace, medical, and energy industries, where precise temperature control is paramount for the preservation and handling of liquefied gases. In the medical field, these specialized containers are crucial for medical preservation, particularly in the storage of biological samples, such as blood plasma, vaccines, and reproductive cells, at cryogenic temperatures that maintain cellular viability. The meticulous engineering of CASC tanks ensures the structural integrity and thermal insulation necessary for long-term cryopreservation.

In the realm of food processing, CASC’s cryogenic solutions cater to the food freezing industry, employing liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to rapidly reduce the temperature of food products, thus inhibiting bacterial growth and preserving flavor, texture, and nutritional value. This flash-freezing technique is widely adopted for its efficiency and the high-quality results it yields, positioning CASC tanks as a vital asset in the supply chain of frozen foods.

The energy sector also benefits from CASC’s cryogenic technology, particularly in the storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (GNL), where maintaining cryogenic conditions is critical to ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of energy resources. CASC’s proficiency in fabricating robust, high-capacity tanks addresses the industry’s demand for reliable and secure cryogenic containment systems.

CASC’s Global Impact and Reach

Expanding beyond its critical role in sector-specific applications, CASC’s cryogenic storage and transport tanks have significantly influenced global markets, enhancing operational efficiencies in numerous industries across continents. Their pioneering efforts in cryogenic trends have not only led to innovations in liquefied gas storage solutions but also to substantial market expansion.

  • Preservation of precious biological samples has become more reliable, safeguarding the future of medical research and potential life-saving therapies.
  • Enhanced distribution networks for liquefied natural gas (GNL) have catalyzed energy sector growth, ensuring consistent supply even in remote locations.
  • Streamlined industrial processes due to advanced cryogenic technology have elevated production standards, resulting in superior quality products.
  • Reduction in operational costs for clients worldwide, solidifying CASC’s reputation as a catalyst for economic and technological advancement.

Leveraging its technical expertise in cryogenic engineering, CASC has adeptly navigated complex market dynamics to deliver customized solutions that meet diverse industry requirements. The company’s detail-oriented approach and utilization of industry-specific terminology reflects its dedication to excellence. As a result, CASC has emerged as a leading entity in the cryogenic storage and transport sphere, markedly contributing to the global industry’s growth trajectory.

En conclusion, the China Able (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (CASQUE) exemplifies a paramount contributor to the cryogenic storage and transport industry through its advanced design innovations, stringent safety protocols, and a broad spectrum of industry applications. CASC’s global reach and impact underscore its pivotal role in supporting critical sectors, including space exploration, healthcare, and energy, by providing reliable and state-of-the-art cryogenic solutions that adhere to the highest standards of technical excellence.

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